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За български, моля, натиснете тук:


Do We Want History To Repeat Itself?

 On June 6, 1922 a boy with the unusual name Proletsin (Son of Spring in Bulgarian) is born in Sofia. The family is extremely poor. The father rarely can find a job to support it. Due to the miserable conditions in Proletsin’s home and the scarcity of food the little boy falls victim to tuberculosis at the age of six. The family cannot afford to care of him and Proletsin is sent far from home to the City of Varna on the Black Sea coast, in a children’s sanatorium. The sanatorium is the place where Proletsin would learn to read and write. There, he would write his first poems, draw his first pictures.

Proletsin, 1933

After the publication of Proletsin’s first poems the boy attracts the attention of Mrs. Konstanza Lyapcheva, the Chair of the Bulgarian Society for Children’s Protection, and Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria. They try to help the family with food and money but it is too late. Proletsin’s disease is in an advanced stage and even the most prominent Bulgarian doctors cannot help. Proletsin dies on May 19, 1933 in a room in Alexandrovska Hospital in Sofia leaving behind his beautiful poetry. Dobri Hristov, a famous Bulgarian composer, composes music to Proletsin’s poems which preserve the memory of the young artist and celebrate his talent decades after his premature death.

There are thousands of gifted Bulgarian children who live below the poverty line with a family income of less than 600 Bulgarian leva per month (approximately US $400). Most of them will remain unnoticed due to their unfortunate circumstances. Like Proletsin’s, their talents will fade away before blooming. DO WE WANT HISTORY TO REPEAT ITSELF!?

Mithra International Foundation’s mission is to empower talented underprivileged children in Bulgaria through access to art forums and opportunities for quality education. Mithra International Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. We kindly invite you to make a donation during this Giving Season. It will bring a child closer to their dream of conquering the world with their talent!

Tsvetan Todorov of Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Meet Our Youngest Donor

Tsvetan Todorov, 7 yrs., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I understand what it is like to lose a dad. That is why I asked my friends to give money for my birthday. I asked for it so I can donate to the Mithra charity. In my opinion, kids should have food, water,a shelter, education and a family. So I wanted to help!



MITHRA International Foundation is a IRC 501(c)(3) charitable organization and
all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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